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What is Floatation Therapy?

Floatation therapy takes place in our Dreampod which large enough for your body, where water with a high epsom salt concentration is heated to a warm 35 degrees.

Making the body buoyant, it gives a sense of weightlessness allowing you whole body to relax. 

Find Deep relaxation, relieve stress and shift consciousness. 

  • What do I bring to my session?
    Just bring yourself. A shower, shampoo, body wash and fresh towels are provided for your session. Fresh drinking water is also supplied.
  • How should I prepare?
    Firstly, dont wear heavy make-up, body moisturisers, perfumes or deodorants. You will need to have a shower before and after your session so as not to cause damage to our Dreampod. You may be liable for cleaning. Secondly, try not to drink caffeinated drinks two to three hours priro to your session the aim is to relax and these drinks may keep you too alert and the benefits of deep relaxing are lost. Thirdly, if you have freshly shaven, the high salt concentration may affect your comfort.
  • Will I be nude during the session?
    Whilst you may wear a swimsuit during your session, it is recommended you go nude as the high epsom salt and water solution will be soaked up by your swimsuit.
  • Is it clean?
    YES! To keep the water clean, the main filter device is a custom-built, stainless-steel enclosure holding a 10 micron exchangeable filter bag. All water is exposed to a high power UV light, taking care of anything that makes it past the extreme salt content of the water, the micro filter and the two separately controllable chemical peristaltic dispenser pumps (meant for dosing chlorine and peroxide).
  • What if have a spray-on tan, dyed hair or a tattoo?"
    Due to the high salt concentration, if you have used a spray on tan or dyed your hair or got a tattoo within the last 14 days, you are not permitted to undertake floatation therapy. The dyes will leak into the water and damage our Dreampods. This may leave you liable to pay for cleaning or replacement. You'll also lose your beloved tattoo, tan or hairstyle.
  • I suffer from Claustrophobia. What can I do?
    You can still have a float. You can keep the Dreampod lid ajar if you feel the affects of Claustrophobia. However, the Dreampod is quite large and there is plenty of room inside.
  • Can I float if I am menstruating?
    It is not recommended to float during menstruation as each person is different during this stage.
  • I am pregnant. Can I still have a floatation therapy session?
    Absolutely. The floating affect can have benefits to women who are pregnant. If in doubt, seek advice from your treating physician.
  • Will I drown if I fall asleep?
    The Dreampod epsom salt solution causes the body to float making the body float as the body is lighter than the solution.
  • Can I choose the music inside the Dreampod?
    Yes we a have a list of options to enhance the experience. Please speak to our friendly staff.
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